• Sync multiple, disparate door access control systems to your HR, ERP, IAM and other business systems
  • Automate access rights provisioning and de-provisioning
  • Eliminate manual tasks and human error
  • Reduce security risks and operation costs
  • Up and running in weeks not months, at an off-the-shelf price
  • Compatible with your existing physical infrastructure — no rip and replace!

Affordable IAM for your
Physical Security Systems

Affordable IAM
for your
Physical Security Systems

Customize Your Security Logic,
Without Doing Any of the Work

Use Pinwheel DME's custom-coded rules engine to enforce and automate your physical security policies across multiple disparate systems. Affordable for Any Size Organization. Delivered in Weeks.

Maintain Compliance

Pinwheel DME ensures consistent application of security policies and access rules for all your physical access control systems (PACS).

When changes are made to the data in your admin and HR systems—like an employee’s termination—the update is immediately reflected in the connected PACS.

Automated Provisioning

No need to “rip and replace”multiple access systems — PinwheelDME allows you to seamlessly use them all, or create a migration path over time.

Sync Multiple Systems

> Onboard new employees faster.

> Reduce calls and emails to physical security staff.

> Eliminate wasted time and security risks when processing departmental transfers.

A Few of Pinwheel DME's Benefits:

Automate Tasks, Save Time

Automatically update a person's access in every access control system you have when changes are made in your business systems. No need to rip and replace old systems for new. Pinwheel DME enables you to maintain and sync access rights and privileges from your old system with any new system you decide to install.

Speedy Implementation

Pinwheel DME doesn't require large commissioning and design efforts. You can fully automate your physical access rights provisioning in a matter of weeks without long development and training periods.

Happy Clients

SwiftData has exceeded our expectations every single time. Pinwheel DME adds tremendous value because it automates updates to our disparate card systems without expending our resources to do so. We would’ve spent over 4x as much if we had to develop a comparable solution ourselves.

Adrian Lim

Project Manager, ERP System


SwiftData brings tremendous value to the implementation of our door access system through the automation of data feeds from our HR, Student Records, and Active Directory systems. This allows us to directly base user access off employment records, enrollment data and dynamically updated security roles without any user involvement. By pulling from this access other systems of record we also allow users to manage doors through the already familiar interfaces they use in their day-to-day operations without having to teach them or ever even make them aware of the door access client software.

Steven Blankenship

Director of IT Applications & Architecture, Salisbury University

Previous applications for data integration were technical and manual — they relied on someone else to do the actual work. Pinwheel DME performs these tasks in the background so we don't have to do this anymore. That's huge.

Kyle Greenhow

IT Client Services Manager,


Who is SwiftData?

SwiftData is the brainchild of Bill Adoff, who built his first data integration process in 1992 while working at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. Pinwheel DME is latest iteration of a 25+ year history of making operations more efficient by automating business systems. Today, SwiftData uses the Pinwheel DME platform to help universities, hospitals, and enterprise companies save money and stay secure.

You can automate enterprise-wide access rights management

without the typical complexity and cost

Drop us a note and we'll get back to you ASAP to share with you how.

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